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About me

Fernando Castillo
Founder & Creative Producer.

Castillo [ (kahs-tee-yoh) ] noun: Castle, Fort

Castillo Creative Media is my small marketing agency with a passion for solving problems with creative content and effective UI/UX design.

I specialize in innovative Web Design & Cinematic Video.

These essential media outlets provide your customers with an enhanced user experience.

I partner with talented local creatives with a shared vision to transform the scene and ready to turn a concept into a reality.

How I am

Working closely with my clients to understand their daily struggles and determine how to solve them with media is something I truly enjoy.

Content is the heart of any successful business.

I use photography, videos, design, and social media
to close the gaps between business owners and buyers.

What sets me apart from my competitors

I take pride on curated content and believe you deserve better than a cookie cutter gimmick. My unique videos and original designs will live and breathe creativity.
Quality over quantity
Taking on fewer clients means a higher quality product. This is why my philosophy is not to win every bid, but to give my all to the lucky few I humbly service.
No Strings Attached
Say no to endless legal contracts or depending on me for simple updates to your site. My purpose is to provide you with the tools you need to succeed when I'm done.
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