Live streaming and multi-camera editing for any production or corporate event.

Enhance your program with animated overlays and embed the stream on an exclusive landing page that reflects your brand and theme of your production.

The onboarding process


Tell me the type of production or event you are producing.

I specialize in small corporate events, talkshows/entertainment, social media, and instructional videos.

Share your program with the world. We can live stream, record, and edit a multi-camera feed of your program, may it be an award show, a cooking show, or lecture/workshop.

Determining equipment needs, graphics and animation styles.

Based on budget, I gather gear needs and brainstorm animations ideas aligned with your brand and theme.

Whether you need 3 or 6 camera angles, additional lighting, or custom motion graphics for your program, my crew have got you covered. We specialize in video, design, and animation.

Find out whether a custom program landing page is right for you.

Hosting a program stream on an exclusive custom landing page and URL has many marketing advantages.

A custom landing page has a high conversion rate. From promoting other products or services, to offering additional information, it all lives in one place, easy to digest.

Pricing & Services

Live streaming, recording, and multi-camera programing

Produced In

Record and livestream your corporate event, production, or social gathering with professional gear, multiple camera angles, and animated video overlay graphics custom made for your program. I also have the ability to re-edit and mix the recorded program soon after, in order to produce the best possible remastered cut at higher resolutions.

Starting At
$ 1,199
or $300/hr
Webflow Web Design

Landing web page for an event, show, or video presentation.

Host your program on an exclusive and original single page website designed with your brand and program theme in mind.

Powered by
Webflow logo

Share a custom website URL or QR code with your viewers to enhance their viewer experience. There they can search and play past content, and find out more information about your programing.

Starting At
$ 999
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